Annual Review Meeting

A week long Annual Review of the Foundation took place from 3rd till 8th January 2023 at the Tarayana Centre.   During the review, the team conducted stock-taking of all the programmes in different sites for the year.  Issues and challenges were deliberated thoroughly, and plans for the year ahead were developed.  
The team also attended   the following sessions; 

  • The findings and results of the natural resource-based assessment on Medicinal Plants; The assessment of potential livelihood-based resources was undertaken in all nine districts based on potential medicinal plants. A comprehensive report on medicinal plants available at the community level was researched, and the book, “Medicinal Plants of Southwestern Bhutan, Identity, harvest and Use Part l,” was published. The book covers 53 plant species with identification, harvest, and use. Part ll Medicinal Plants of Southwestern Bhutan Assessment of Ecological Diversity and People’s Perception is also almost complete. The book covers detailed ecological studies that provide a deeper insight into the ecology of the species.
  • The Springshed Initiatives in the country; Protecting the springs and reviving the drying ones is an alternative way for solving the increasing issues of water scarcity by the resource persons Mr. Jambay, Lecturer of the College of Natural Resources (CNR) 
  • Mr.Chukey Wangchuck, the consultant, provided the training on Traditional Knowledge and Indigenous knowledge Management and  the importance of its documentation 

These studies are carried out through the project Living Landscape: Securing High Conservation Value in Southwestern Bhutan funded by International Climate Initiative (IKI). 

  • On the final day, the Director of the Department of Professional Support, Anti-Corruption Commission sensitized the team on anti-corruption guidelines, the causes of corruption, and tools to prevent such corruption cases in the country. He also elaborated on how these cases can be prevented from reaching the commission through communication at the ground level.